Customer: Euro Lifecare Ltd.

Brand: EUROFAST anesthetic

Task: script development and commercial shooting

Creative concept. Our regular customer applied with the task to create a commercial about the fast-acting painkiller EUROFAST, and this was a real challenge for our team. Indeed, several advertisements of products with similar composition were in the airtime at that time. And it was very important to avoid recurrence. So the team decided not to limit the concept with direct associations that come to mind when thinking about the fast effect, but to study the speed phenomenon itself. What is speed, how does it affect the physical world and how can we see it? To get answers to all these questions, the team decided to recall school years and conduct a real physical experiment. And that’s how the things turned out.

According to the plot of the video, something sweeps through a completely usual office space at an incredible speed and creates a little chaos by its movement: it leaves a ripple on the water surface, throws the papers off the table and buffles everyone in the room. Soon it turns out that the initiator of what is happening is the EUROFAST 3D capsule with a liquid active substance. Its supersonic flight symbolizes the rapid action of the drug: the quick capsule comes to the rescue, when it turns out that one girl has a headache. But the main heroine of the commercial is not even the capsule, but the speed of its movement, as it was the speed which affected the space and buffled the people in the room.

Video shooting. Creation of a sense of unimaginable speed and accurate illustration of its consequences found out to be not as simple as it might seem. To implement the concept, the team used a variety of wind machines, sheds and even air guns! And after thousands of swings with burdocks and sheds of different sizes and hundreds of amusing experiments with the flight of objects, the team managed to “revitalize” the location.

Project team

Agency: Svoi