Customer: PRO-PHARMA

Brand: Fleboxar gel

Task: script development and commercial shooting

Creative concept. They tingle, ache, swell. The usual symptoms that are listed in each advertisement of similar remedies are the same and not always interesting for the viewer. And what if these complaints will sound not from the mouth of another heroine with “heavy legs” but directly on behalf of the main characters, that is, the legs?

So the idea of the series of commercials emerged, which became a kind of marketing mini-serial, with each episode bringing the main message in a unique form, with new characters, dialogues and locations. A series of Fleboxar gel commercials reveals the desire of legs that have got a chance to be heard.

An interesting plot has helped to achieve one more important goal: to move away from gloomy emphases. In the video you won’t see the pain and suffering on the face of the heroine. All the feelings are expressed by legs, as they will be the ones to appreciate the effect of the gel. This concept was implemented in an interesting promotional product, gentle and nice, just like Fleboxar gel itself is.

Video shooting. The two-day shooting marathon was held in a huge pavilion, where all the locations of different scenes of the advertising serial were set. The scenery was built specially for each season, which allowed for simultaneous shooting of all four seasons. The spacious cafe hall, cozy rooms, streets, even snow and black soil — all these artificially created locations acquired absolute naturality in picture.

Project team

Agency: SVOI Advertising Holding