Customer: JSC Milk Alliance

Brand: Gerolakt, Yagotynske trademark

Task: to develop the concept of commercial in support of a new product of Yagotynske trademark

Creative concept. Gerolakt advertising project was designed as a reflection of a healthy lifestyle and environmental friendliness, so all the materials used in shooting were made from natural wood which is the most environmentally friendly material. The theme of naturality emerged at the stage of creative idea development, based on the fact that the advertised product Gerolakt includes only natural ingredients. In order to tell an unusual and original “eco-story” about the tasty and useful Gerolakt, it was decided to create a colorful world of wood.

Shooting. The uniqueness of the video about Gerolakt is that it looks like a puppet cartoon, but in fact it isn’t. It is made on the principle of a puppet show. All shooting took place in real time, and the observed actions of the characters in the picture are the result of puppeteers work during the shooting process. The video is a small stage performance which came to life in real time, but was filmed as a motion picture.

The work on scenery and characters creation lasted almost 1.5 months. Two teams worked for the scenery production: the first team created the characters and props, and the second team worked with exteriors and interiors of the “puppet world”. For the city panorama, more than 2000 parts were carved out of wood, and they were subsequently grounded, glued and fitted to each other. Some of them were huge, reaching 7 meters in length, other were quite tiny, with the size similar to that of a matchbox. But all of them together created a unique environment of this very special world, in which Gerolakt family happily lives.

Project team

Creative concept, production: UTC FILM PRODUCTION

Project management: FERZ Marketing Solutions Agency