Customer: Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Firm

Brand: Mefenamynka antiviral drug

Task: to demonstrate the drug benefits and to create strong association in the minds of consumers: Mefenamynka is the best choice in the fight against cold

Solution. The concept of the commercial was based on showing the consumer that the opponent on the other side is not so awful when you have an effective drug in your hands and a reliable friend — your loving wife. Thus, we found the insight that was based on the chain: cold — fight — Mefenamynka — victory!

The best analogy to the fight against the disease has become a real boxing ring, as the ring is the place where all the internal reserves are used to achieve the main purpose — victory!

Video shooting. Several locations, a boxing ring and an apartment decoration were assembled during one shooting day, and stood patiently waiting for their turn. For 16 hours the shooting team fought for the final victory which can now be seen on TV channels!

Project team

Video production: UTC FILM PRODUCTION

Creative idea and project management: >STRELA Creative Agency