Customer: PROSTOR beauty multistore

Task: concept development, script and commercial shooting

Creative concept. It all started with the fact that the creative team was imbued with the idea of women. The desire of a woman is a product, and the process of its acquisition should turn into a dreamlike pleasure. Therefore, when the heroine enters the PROSTOR shop floor, she dives in the magic world. The world where every wish comes true. The UTC FILM PRODUCTION team combined desirable and charming associations in the figure of magical djinn who caters to any female wish.

Video shooting. The whole shooting process took twenty hours. Since the group’s goal was to create an atmosphere of a dream world, much attention was paid to the magic world which combines a lot of pink shades. For this purpose, about thirty fluorescent lamps were used, and each was covered with a color filter.

The commercial shooting was held in PROSTOR shop floor which was specially redesigned for such a complex process. Shelves with products were filled with products which did not break out of the picture and did not draw attention away from the djinn. Production director with a team of artists outplayed this effect using special pink- and white-colored bottles, emphasizing the style of PROSTOR commercial with brand colors.

For greater reliability, the bottles on the shelves were filled with yogurt, and different bottles for shooting were collected throughout the whole city.

Post-production. The most important step in the video creation was post-production. Indeed, the actors in the green leggings shot on gyroboards should have turned into real djinns. Within two weeks, about twenty variants of “smoke” were developed. In addition to the characters, bottles were created using 3D animation flew in the air. Every complicated and interesting task set for UTC FILM PRODUCTION only inspired the team on the way to the creation of a unique product.

Project team

Creative concept and production: UTC FILM PRODUCTION