Customer: Biosphere Corporation

Brand: SMILE wet wipes

Task: concept development and script for commercial

Creative concept. Everyone has a wonderful story, which goes up to a simple sentence: “I decided to do the other way”. Commercial for the SMILE brand has become such a story for UTC FILM PRODUCTION. We decided not to display the process of cleaning in the wet wipes commercial, but instead to make each hero dirty, showing all the joy that surrounds us. In fact, with wet wipes we don’t have to be clean, but rather get dirty without being afraid of it. SMILE wet wipes brand encourages everyone: Act! Enjoy life! Get dirty! After all, hands, face and clothes can be easily made clean with wet wipes, and happy memories will remain forever. One small wipe can change your world and make you happy: “SMILE: act and enjoy!”

Project team

Creative concept, production: UTC FILM PRODUCTION