Customer: ProPharma

Task: Script and video shooting of a social ad video on diabetes treatment for the Ukrainian Diabetic Association

Solution. Emotional and non-standard idea requires equally powerful realization. In order to achieve maximum drama and realism, the creative group decided to make the video in one shot. Making a commercial in one shot provides a completely different sense perception but requires complex preliminary work. Indeed, unlike the usual video, there will be no possibility to correct details through cutting, to change the angle or add effects, but these are the “inconveniences” that make the video as honest and authentic as possible.

A completely unique challenge was offered to the team that created a family photo album of the heroes covering 25 years of their life. It was necessary not only to recreate the atmosphere of the past years, but also transmit visually all the features of family photos: casual compositions, white balance disruption, incorrect display, as well as hundreds of details which should be avoided by each photographer since his first days of work with professional devices. However, this carefully thought-out “amateur” approach to photo shoot allowed to create plausible and sensory illustrations of life.

Project team

Creative idea and project management: >STRELA Creative Agency