Customer: JSC Milk Alliance

Brand: ready-to-eat dairy porridges of Yagotynske for kids trademark

Task: promotion of a new product of the trademark in the market

Solution. To develop an advertising video concept giving a good showing to the product and being consistent with the brand communicative strategy.

Implementation. The product has become an ideological inspiration for the commercial. Milk porridges are designed for modern, active and caring moms, and are aimed to save their time significantly. At the same time, porridges provide babies with all the necessary useful substances. Porridges are milk-based, with the addition of fructose and three cereals to choose from: rice, buckwheat and wheat. You can use them for children aged 6m+. Such an enjoyable topic of relation to childhood quickly found a response in the creative team of UTC FILM PRODUCTION. This time the team decided to “tell” the audience a nice story created in the stop-motion technique.

Video shooting. Everything that happens in the picture was created from paper and design cardboard. Dozens of unique objects were made for each scene, making it a real miracle. Indeed, you can see how the cow turns into an alarm clock, a bottle grows out of a small cap, and a porridge pan is transformed into a package right before your eyes. And all this happens against the static background. All the frames were carefully arranged, like beads threaded on a video line, and then processed using special software.

Project team

Creative concept and production: UTC FILM PRODUCTION